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 I'm about to show 3 Different Things… 

  •  7 mistakes you must AVOID if you truly want to Reverse your type 2 diabetes. 

  • A better & safer way to NATURALLY normalize your Blood sugar level – WITHOUT any side effect
  • The ONE set of people who'll never NORMALIZE their blood sugar level – ever. And no, it's not bad-luck I'm wishing them, such people are their own "village people".

Hi, I'm Linda Chikoadi.  I am a Clinical Nutritionist., and the founder Linda-nutri Health Consults. A nutritional-based company, in Lagos, Nigeria. 

This is why I'm qualified to teach you & WHY I it with passion. 

I've published a Journal in the Dietitians Association of Nigeria (JDAN)  volume 8 in 2017.

I've ALSO taught over 256+ diabetes patients via email on how to normalize their blood sugar... And most importantly, REVERSE  other health challenges.


In fact, what I'm doing even got the attention of some millionaire businessmen. 

One of them is Mr. Eminike Emmanuel, the founder of Entrepreneur Business Blog

Here's what Mr, Eminike has to say

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And Mr, Samuel Franklin too, Who's also the founder of Franki Digital Labs

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let me tell you a short story…

It all started when I went for my industrial training…

Just a few years ago…

...while serving as an IT student in the Dietetics Department of a PARTICULAR Hospital.

I noticed something SCARY… 

It's the one of the main REASONS most patients CONDITIONS don't get better even after going to the hospital for treatment. 

...They either die or their situation gets worse. 

(NOTE: I can't disclose the name for security reasons, though)

Because some medical personnels just don't care about their PATIENT'S HEALTH CONDITION. 

So, Like I was Saying....

There was a day I was about to go into the men's ward to carry-out my normal duty. 

Then, All of A Sudden… 

I saw a man in his EARLY 60s(sixties) lying in a state of coma due to HYPERTENSION. 

And that's not even the SCARY part… 

They still kept on stuffing him with more & more DRUGS... even though they knew it's not advisable in such a CHRONIC SITUATION.

When I realized that's how uncaring some of their doctors were. I took it upon myself to handle the situation. 

At first, the doctors NEVER wanted to allow me to intervene. 

So I had to plead and beg my Boss (the Dietician I was attached to)... because my spirit wouldn't let me ignore the man & leave him to die  – just like that. 

So, out of Sympathy, and as a clinical nutritionist… 

I went straight to tell his caregivers the things they NEED to get so we can prepare him for what we call a "NASOGASTRIC DIET" to enable us to pass food into his system. 

And they diligently followed my instructions… 

And a catheter was passed through his nose so we can start the therapy. 

THEN, Before the next 24 hours... 

After the Nutritional Therapy, the same man who was HELPLESSLY lying in a state of coma came back to life. 

Now, just imagine what would've happened if there was no intervention of a NUTRITIONIST? 

Maybe, a family would've lost a dad. Who's most-likely their "bread winner" too. 

And just IMAGINE what would've happened to his family and his children's future? 

It's because of this CARELESSNESS on the part of some so called "doctors"  

It's why I started a nutritional-based company called; LINDA NUTRI HEALTH CONSULT... 

To help people like you treat dangerous diseases using Natural Diet & Nutrition. 

But I've Not Been Doing All These ALONE…

And I've ALSO been working in COLLABORATION with a Food Scientist & a Doctor of Nutritional Physiology who's based in Denmark...


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...Her name is Mrs, Brita Che. She studied Nutrition up to PHD Level in Aarhus University. She's ALSO the Founder of "Metabolic House Africa" and a A Guest Educator at VIA University College. 

And she has also been helping diabetes patients like you reverse their condition & also normalize their blood sugar levels….

And go on to "Chop Life" to its fullest ONCE AGAIN. 😋😋

She charges up two hundred & fifty euros(€250) for just ONE consultation –  to as high as – four thousand euros(€4,000) for her complete done-with-you service. 

See what some of her clients are saying;

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Here's another Testimonial from her client too…

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So going forward, just Like I Promised…

I'm going to show you...

ONE;  7 mistakes you must AVOID if you truly want to Reverse your type 2 diabetes. 

TWO; a better & safer way to NATURALLY normalize your Blood sugar level – WITHOUT any side effects. 

THREE: the set of people who'll never NORMALIZE their blood sugar level – ever. And no, it's not bad-luck I'm wishing them, such people are their own "village people".

Mistake #1: Not Taking Sufficient Salt: 

Think about this...

We, humans, are all mammals. 

And all mammalian creatures naturally crave for salt. 

This is why animals. I mean, wild mammalian animals can walk miles just to look for a salty rock to lick. 

And it's the same thing with us, as humans too. We need the right amount of salt in the body. 

Forget about myths like; "don't eat food with salt". Or "salt is bad for you" and all that. 

BUT, then... 

How can you know the sufficient amount of salt on this journey?

Let's say you want to eat. 

Just taste the food with your tongue to sense if it's okay. If it's kind of bland. Then you need to add salt to it. 

Especially if you're experiencing leg cramps at night, it's one of the indicators that your body actually needs salt.


Now, I don't only mean sodium chloride. I'm also referring to magnesium and potassium. There are so many foods that are good sources of these nutrients. 

An example is Avocados. 

All you need is a good dietician to diagnose your condition, understand your body responds to these things. 

And give you a personalised meal-plan so far you don't end up doing trial and error.

Taking foods you're unsure of will really help you reverse your condition. 

Mistake #2: Snacking: 

I mean, this is when you see someone eating and then all of a sudden, stops eating and then continues again. 

What that means is, you're doing what is called "INTERMITTENT FASTING". 

But here's the thing...

We are not animals like cattles who are naturally supposed to graze all day. We are humans. 

And so, you should eat say; one...two...or three square meals per day. And not the other way round. 

So as to give an interval of some hours where you don't eat anything. Thereby, making your insulin levels remain a lot more stable. 

And also, your blood sugar level stays low and normal. These are some of the things that are going to help you start feeling relieved from the discomfort diabetes causes in the body system. 

Mistake #3: Avoiding Fat: 

Most people are so very scared of eating enough fat once they have been diagnosed with Diabetes. 

Although, I don't really blame them. It's because of the lies we've been fed with. Ever were told our entire adult lives that we should do away with fat. 

That we should "cut away" anything saturated fat. 

But the thing is...

We actually need fat in our system especially if you want to start reversing diabetes – the natural way.


The cell membrane of every single cell in your body system has to have cholesterol and some other by-products of fat in order to function optimally. 

That is to say... 

Triglycerides, and other essential fatty acids store energy, insulate us and protect our vital organs. 

They ALSO assist proteins in doing their jobs. For example, in repairing worn-out tissues that helps in healing open-sores on the skin. 

Again, they cause chemical reactions that help control growth, immune function and other aspects of metabolism. 

But when this "FAT" is absent in your system. Your brain struggles and your heart suffers too. And so your body needs fat to regain its ability to utilize or rightly use blood sugar so as to reduce its high rise. 

Now I'm not saying that you need to jump into drinking fat, sipping oil from bottles or EXCESSIVELY adding fat to this or that meal. 

No. I mean...

You need to EAT lots of foods that are natural sources of fat so as to help your cell membranes work as expected. 

So get over the fear of eating fats. Instead, you should rather be afraid of taking unnecessary processed carbohydrates like sugar and starches. 

Mistake #4: Not Doing Any Exercise:


I mean, you've been diagnosed with diabetes and then, you are always sitting down, without any form of activity to burn away excess fat from your system. 

I completely understand that you probably don't have enough time to do that. Your health, if I may say; SHOULD BE ONE OF YOUR TOP-MOST PRIORITY. 

So no matter how tight your schedule is, don't be like most people who keep on giving excuses upon excuses, as to why they can't do exercise. 

There is always that "free" OR "leisure time" you are not really using to do anything serious. 

Utilize moments as such to the important part of your journey. 

Mistake #5: Thinking Drugs Will One Day "Cure" Them Permanently. 

I had to sigh before I finished writing that point. 

The thing  is...

Because, it's hard to believe. 

Especially when we are living in a generation where the same people whom we are supposed to TRUST are taking advantage of our ignorance to make bastard money by all means. 

Take a look at the most pharmaceutical drugs sellers. 

They promise things like; 

"permanent cure for diabetes", "natural remedy to reverse diabetes" and just about anything that makes you have hope that their "solution" will work. 

But one...two...three...four months down the line, you're struggling with frequent urination, blurred & painful eye-vision, numbness in your feet and having high-blood sugar levels. 


They lied to you.  

They told you all sorts of "believable" things to make you fall for their TRICKS. 

The truth is... 

Diabetics drugs DON'T really heal OR cure diabetes. 

They don't. 

Forget about what they're telling you. 

Okay, come to think of it...

Why do they PRESCRIBE you more and more drugs when you complain of painful eye-vision, numbness in your feet, hunger, frequent urination & tiredness? 

It means that drugs don't really get to the root of the matter and heal it. If not, you won't be suffering from the same illness, by now, right? 

Again, it means that those prescribed drugs are just like ordinary pain relievers. 

It's why you feel good anytime you take them. But after a short while, the painful symptoms of diabetes are back again. 

The naked truth they are hiding from you is that drugs only SUPPRESS the symptoms of diabetes. They don't really reverse it – as it seems. 

Just like a first aid. 

They are not ENOUGH to cure the problem. 

Believing it will reverse using like thinking that if you break your hand in an accident and apply liniment or balm to relieve the pain, then you've AUTOMATICALLY fixed the broken bone. 

Now, I'm not saying you should agree with what I'm saying. 

It's entirely up to you to DECIDE what to believe. 

BUt, if you're tired of suffering from diabetes and want to live a FREE life – WITHOUT taking drugs then the ONLY way to naturally & safely reverse type 2 diabetes is through DIET. 

It's the key to reversing it. And right now, in Nigeria, the safest way to do that is through a program I call the "Blood Sugar Leveler".

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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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