How I started a social media marketing blog.

It’s been a few years now, and one of the things I love about being a digital marketer is the degree of freedom it gives me. I get to work wherever I want to build my business and helping my clients.

I won’t say to you that it has been easy, but it has been worth it

My journey to Digital Marketing started quite unusually. I was never the guy that you’ll say was going to go into business, let alone an internet business.

Few weeks to the end of my N.Y.S.C. It dawned on me as it dawns on a lot of soon-to-be-ex corpers. “What’s the way forward from here, what next?”

I had a conversation with a friend and we were trying to list out a few of the skills we had, the ones we had to learn and then making money from them.

Initially, I didn’t see a reason to invest my energy, time and money in it, I was a conflict between going through with a career in Biochemistry or many other options.

I love music and I sing a lot, and I have had a lot of people tell me to take it up professionally, plus I was a wannabe songwriter.

So in a nutshell, I was confused, but then I came across an article centered around taking businesses to where customers converge and this opened me to a wide range of possibilities in digital Marketing.

At that point, I made a choice and without delay, I read as many posts as I could, subscribed to different newsletters,  and also purchased a couple of books, and then took action.

Consequently, I decided to grow a brand that will be specific in its style and made for a unique audience.

Now the big question...

Do you want to do the same? are you willing to pay the price needed for achieving it?

Don’t let the word price scare you, it doesn’t always involve money.

You can’t get the prize if you don’t pay the price, so then ascertain your willingness, and read on.

I am here to show you how to use digital media to grow your business.

By the way, My name is Ubaka Alexander, I am a graduate of Biochemistry from the Federal University of Technology Minna.

I am a digital marketer, and I help businesses craft out customized digital strategies needed to increase their sales, with the use of top notch digital tools and techniques guaranteed to make your business strive online.



Growing a successful business is all about profit and customer satisfaction and no matter how we may want to look at it, This is by all means true.

For emphasis, imagine having an opportunity to interact with all your customers, hear them review your products or services, and have them tell you what they want, imagine being friends with them.

Now tell me wouldn’t that be awesome? Wouldn’t that make you more trustworthy?

To put it another way, digital media gives you an opportunity to create intimacy between you, your customers and your products. If properly and strategically used, you will have increased sales.

I will provide for you:

  • Ways to look at your business with respect to digital media
  • How to have a consistent online brand that represents in whole your offline brand
  • Proven ways to build online fans and followers who become customers.
  • How to increase sales using proven digital marketing strategies

Never forget, the blog is about you.

What Do I intend to achieve?

I intend to build this blog to a brand that would teach the rudiments of digital and social media marketing.

furthermore, I want it to rise as a household name for small business owners and upcoming marketers.

Still fresh in my memory is my first trial at managing a clients page, I didn’t know what to do that would generate what my expectations were, the good thing was I was offering a free service, so the pressure was minimal.

And as a result of my inexperience, I made lots of mistakes, but you know what?

They were crucial to my growth.

Some of the best lessons we ever learn are learned from past mistakes. The error of the past is the wisdom and success of the future.

~Dale Turner


What we learn from our experiences is in no way comparable to what we can learn from the experience of others

~Ubaka Alexander

Have you had any experience with digital marketing or have you thought about using it for your business?

what was your experience like?

Why don’t you share it as a comment, always remember this truth…

Share your stories that others may learn. You might be shocked to find your experience is the answer to another man’s question and vice versa.



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  1. Wow, It’s amazing what we can accomplish if we would only try.

    I have used social media to generate sales in my own business at different times… It was largely by trial and error at the beginning.

    It would be amazing to have a place where small business owners will can get the help they need.

    Soar, on.

    1. Hey MH GIDEON, there is really a long list of possible things that can be accomplished by just trying…

      And we are believing to convert trial and error to proven steps that would lead to tangible results.

      Thanks for sharing…

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