The Beginners Guide to Facebook Ads in Nigeria

facebook ads in nigeria

How long does it take to go from being a beginner to becoming an expert? In his book titled “outliers,” Malcolm Gladwell stated that it takes approximately 10000 hours of practice for anybody to become an expert in any field. He called it the 10000-hours rule. Now, there have been several counter-arguments to debunk this […]

How To Pay For Your Facebook Ads In Nigeria.

Have you ever had issues paying for your Facebook ads in Nigeria? If you haven’t, you’re in luck. For most people, paying for Facebook ads in Nigeria comes with its challenges, there’s always one problem or the other. The worst is when your card declines and running new ads becomes an issue. I remember getting […]

8 Reasons Why Every Nigerian Business Need To Use Facebook Ads.

Why Use Facebook Ads for your business in Nigeria

Change! Why do we fight it so much? My mum hates change too. Make a change to her recipe when you make the family dinner, and you will find out how much she hates it. Lots of businessmen are no different from her. They are the chairpersons of the the-devil-you-know-is-better-than-the-angel-you-don’t-know association. They stick with less […]

How To Use Digital marketing for schools in Nigeria.

digital marketing for schools in Nigeria

angry parent wants the best for their child and they will always opt for the best when it comes to their education. They lookout for a lot of things and until they are satisfied, they won’t enroll their children in the school Example of a few things many parents see as important when sizing up […]

How To Use Social Media for Marketing Schools in Nigeria

Using Social Media Marketing for Schools in Nigeria

Which social media platform is the best for schools? There is one way to find out the platforms that will be the most productive for you. It is by finding out the platforms that both the parents and students are most active on, and then creating an account on those platforms to join them. The […]

How To Run a Successful Facebook Ad Campaign In Nigeria.

successful Facebook ad in Nigeria

Imagine this… You have the home addresses of 10 million Nigerians. They willingly shared it with you. They have also permitted you to sell anything to them. And you know what kinds of products they are interested in buying. You know what each one of them loves to buy, loves to eat, and loves to […]