How To Use Facebook For Business in Nigeria.

facebook ads in nigeria

Can I ask you a question… Have you ever searched for something on facebook? Maybe a brand or your favorite artist. Sure you have! I don’t think I’d find anyone who hasn’t. I did a search of the keyword “fashion” on my facebook profile recently with the result shown below. I believe by now you […]

Top 8 Social Media Mistakes Nigerian Businesses make.

social media mistakes Nigerian businesses

Social media marketing as we all know is not new to Nigeria. There are a lot of big players who are making the most of the various social platforms, and they are making it big You may have thought of taking your business to the social train or have already taken a seat in it […]


Social media for business

Do you use social media for business or have you thought of using it? You are in the right place. One of the goals of every business including yours as a Nigerian is to gain the trust of its customers and to create an exposure for its products and services. In achieving that, having a marketing strategy […]

7 Benefits of using Social Media for your Business in Nigeria.

I won’t be wrong to say that there are lots of benefits of social media for business in Nigeria. Moreover, its use has seen a tremendous increase over the years with different enterprises both large and small now applying it as a business tool for advertising and communicating with their customers. I want to show […]