The Beginners Guide to Facebook Ads in Nigeria

facebook ads in nigeria
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How long does it take to go from being a beginner to becoming an expert?

In his book titled “outliers,” Malcolm Gladwell stated that it takes approximately 10000 hours of practice for anybody to become an expert in any field.

He called it the 10000-hours rule.

Now, there have been several counter-arguments to debunk this rule. But you will agree with me that practice does make you better.

Especially if you’re practicing it right.

This guide was written to teach you everything you need to know about Facebook ads. From all the terms you would come across when navigating your Facebook ads account to how you can get the best results with your ads.

Determine to read through this guide. And also, to practice what you learn from it.

With that, you will be on your way to expertise.

What is Facebook Advertising?

In simple terms, advertising on Facebook is Facebook billing you to show your ads messages to a sect of their users on their platform.

With Facebook ads, you decide who you want to see the ad, where it should be placed, and the format it should take.

The formats available for Facebook ads range from a single image to carousal images, to videos, etc.

Facebook is one of the biggest game-changers when it comes to doing business on the internet.

They, with other digital marketing channels, have grown to become a worthy replacement for traditional marketing.

This is because, they are not limited by the limitations of traditional marketing.

Honestly, Facebook ads would beat traditional marketing anytime and day.

And due to their large pull of consistent users, if you use it well, you have a guarantee of reaching quality prospects who are interested in whatever you sell.

How does it work?

Advertising on Facebook is vast, and grants you a lot of advertising options you can explore.

You can promote a page or a post on the page. You can run ads to get people out of Facebook, usually to a designated link.

Furthermore, you can choose who you want to see ads.

That is, you can target people based on several criteria; their age range, sex, location, interests. Etc.

Above all, you can set the budget you want to use for that particular ad and then pay for the ads based on how you have set it up.

Why is Facebook ad important for marketing?

Nigerians nowadays have easy access to social media and the internet.

So, using Facebook ads can give you a large pool of people who are now used to doing business online.

The good news is that you can decide to reach only people interested in your industry or niche.

Furthermore, all businesses need people to patronize them; isn’t that the first goal for starting one?

Then, Facebook ads, amongst many other channels, can help any business that exploits it to achieve that goal.

As of 2018, Facebook had over 26 million active Nigerian users. Now, according to Facebook, there are now over 30million active monthly Nigerian users.

See the image below.

Why Use Facebook Ads in Nigeria

This tells you that with the proper know-how, you too can make a profit.

It is worthy of note that running ads with Facebook have evolved over the years.

However, the underlying factors that determine the success of a specific ad never changed.

These are the factors I will be showing you in this guide.

And with them, you can successfully run ads that’ll convert irrespective of the number of changes Facebook makes on the interface of their ad platform.

Here are more reasons Facebook ads should be part of your marketing strategy.

How Do I Start?

Firstly, to properly understand how and why some Facebook ads succeed and some fail, observe the image below.

Facebook ads in Nigeria

I call it the T.S.B Facebook Ads Formula.

The formula shows you the various variables that make up a successful Facebook.

Plus, what you would need to address for your ads to get you the results you desire.

This formula serves as a guide.

You only need to get each variable in place, combine them together, and then you would have a winning ad.

Top Social Brand Guide to Facebook Ads in Nigeria.

To help you grasp Top Social Brand’s guide to Facebook ads: I would take you through the fundamentals for success with Facebook ads in Nigeria.

This can be the difference between reaching your business goals or not.

You’ll find the guide below, and in it, you will discover proven and sustainable strategies for succeeding with Facebook ads.

These are strategies that we have tested and tried. They are the strategies most experts use.

    • Chapter 1: Facebook Ads: How it works and Who is it for Discover who needs Facebook ads, and it works.


    • Chapter 2: How to Get Started With Facebook Ads:


    • Chapter 3: Audience Research. This is very important if you must succeed with Facebook ads.


    • Chapter 4: How to Target the Right Audience. If you cannot reach the right audience, then your Facebook ads cannot succeed.


    • Chapter 5: How to Create Powerful Facebook Adverts: Reach the right audience is not enough on its own if you are to succeed with Facebook ads. You must be able to create powerful adverts.



    • Chapter 7: Measuring and Analyzing Your Facebook Ads: How do you know if your ads if succeeding or failing? How do you know if it can perform better than it currently is?


    • Chapter 8: THE Facebook Ads Glossary. Understand key terms and phrases.


Do I need to read all these?

If you’re serious about getting quality results with your Facebook ads, then yes, you should read it all.

You might already be conversant with a few chapters. If that is the case, then read through what you need.

Finally, as I stated earlier, remember to practice what you learn.

I don’t believe knowing how long it takes to go from a beginner to an expert is an important question.

Instead, taking it a step at a time and putting in the work needed at each step is more of the way to go.

The expertise will come in steadily as you put in the work.

I am excited to have you here. It is time to take the first step into the next chapter.


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