How to run a successful Facebook Ad in Nigeria


Take your time to read through this, as I'll show you two simple ways to look at Facebook advertising that'll drastically increase your results. 

And if you handle this properly, you will notice an immediate success in your next campaign.

My name is Alexander Ubaka, and I am the founder of blog Top Social Brand, a platform to put out content in the area of marketing both on social media and digital marketing.

Content that are based on my experiences, learnings, failures and successes.

It's no secret that Facebook has a large number of users, with an average of 15,000,000 to 20,000,000 monthly Nigerian users frequenting the platform.

The big issue for most small businesses, freelancers, and entrepreneurs is how they can make use of this large number of Facebook users to the grow their businesses or that of their client.

I wasn't always this good with Facebook advertising.

Infact, I sucked at it.

The whole ad account interface was confusing.

I ran campaigns that didn't convert as good as they should, and lost a lot of money.

But after much staying and learning from others better than I was, I a badass at it.

No bragging, just plain truth.

Now, let's cut the chase, and dive right in.

When you look at your Facebook ads in this two ways,

It will simplify everything, you would stop struggling to make your ads perform.

Thinking of your ad like this and getting everything set before going to your Facebook ad manager will not only save you time, it will lot more success.

Let's look at what I'm saying here... Look at campaign this way...

The Powerful Ad and The right audience

Frankly, it is a simple as that. If you have a powerful advert, shown to the right audience, BOOM... The ad will convert like mad.

However, of this two segments, the right audience is the most important. A weak advert sent to the right audience will  out-perform a strong advert sent to the wrong audience by far.

One thing I do is to have everything ready on the notepad of my system before I head to the specific ad manager I want to use.

Every component of the ad is ready, I only go to ad managerto input all the details in to run the ad.

How then do you create a powerful Ad

Simply by understanding the rudinments of facebook advertising and how they show your ads to the audience, but before we dive into what makes an advert a powerful one,

I'll like you to always look at your ads with the eye of the accronym listed below.

  • A- Attention
  • I- Interest
  • D- Desire
  • A- Action

You should ask yourself these questions.

  • Would it capture their attention?
  • Would it create an interest and desire within them for what I'm offering?
  • Does it state clearly what they should do?

Every part of your ad should fulfil these generally accepeted marketing rule.

The ad should be able to grab the attention of the audience,

Raise an interest within them, and make them desire what you're offering and finally,

Then tell them how to get what you're offering.

In creating a powerful advert, there are four important things you’ll have to take note of, and carefully use in other to succeed. 

These four things will attract them, make them interested and desire what you're offering before you tell them the action you what them to take.

Here they are.

  • Your Image or Video.
  • Your Ad Headline 
  • Your Ad Copy/Body.
  • The Call to Action.

I’ll be breaking them down one after the other.

 Your Image or Video.

On Facebook, the first thing that grabs the attention of your audience is your image.

I usually spend a huge amount of time researching the image I would use, I think this apart from audience researching takes me the most time.

Never forget that Facebook is a social media platform.

The users are there to catch on the latest gist, laugh on different memes, scroll on different images.

I doubt if anybody goes to Facebook because he wants to buy something. I don't.

Do you?

So how do you capture the attention of a person going through his timeline to look at what you've put out there?

You have to do this with something kinda out of place.

Read that line again.

That is what your image can do for you.

When looking out for images that will work well, look out for images that are incongruous.

Let me explain further, to be incongruous means to be unusual, to not fit to the environment.

To be different.  

However, be careful not to use inappropriate images, as Facebook shuns those.

Let me share a few incongruous images, remember that the idea is grab their attention.

The image should be relevant to what you're offering, don't just use an image cus it can grab attention.

Remember you also have to keep that attention.

And people don't like to be decieved.

Due to copyright issues, just using any image you see online because you think it fits what you want to do is a recipe for disaster. 

If you want to get quality images, you can use the following means

  • Using google image search (However make sure to find out that the image you want to use here are available for re-use)
  • Use images from stock images website... This images are free for re-use example of this websites include (, e.t.c)
  • Take your own pictures. You'll be amazed at what you can snap with your smartphone
  • Combine various images with tools like photoshop, and canva.


I won't be writing on videos now, but they work like crazy... I think they do better than images, expecially if you're seling a physical product.

You just have to demonstarate for your viewers how the product works.


This can be the first sentence you write, or the custom area Facebook gives you to describe the ad.

The main reason for headlines is to create interest and desire and also to hint at a great reward for anyone reading your ad (especially your target audience.)

Take a look at the ads below. 

If you know digital you'll definitely click on this ad. (I have paid for two courses on this platform)

And I know their email Marketing converts like mad, that was where I got sold on.

Now imagine them telling me that they'll show me how I can do the same.

You can pay $100,00 to go to school or do this. 

What does that say to you?

Well to me it's more of a he's offering something better that'll save me money, instead of puting it all in college.

Funny thing is "this" placed there will make you eager to find out what it is (Interest and desire)

Check out the image, although it is a video, but what you see before the video starts will sure catch the attention of anybody interested in living that kinda life and making money. (Plus there's a girl by the side)

Free Book plus turning yourself from an employer to an Entrepreneur.

Think hard, would you engage with this ad if you are an employee looking to start a business?

Remember, it's FREE

To get an headline that’ll work, combine the primary thing you’re promising them in your message with what makes your message/product different.

The Body

This is where you say what you have to say.

And it depends on the goal of your campaign, it can be long or short

You can use a story that talks about the pain, or wants the audience have and the how what you're proposing can solve them.

This is the body of the ad that had an headline about $100,000 in college shown up. If you have a Knowledge of copywriting, it will give you an edge. But really it's no big deal.

You just talk about what they'll gain. 

One thing you should do is to have a swipe file of ads that caught your attention. The goal is not to copy them, but to use them as reference when you're creating yours.

You analyze them to see what was done, and why they worked.

And by all means, go and read Facebook policies, so they don't go flagging your account for violation.

I have been a victim.

Call to action

This is simply telling the reader what you want them to do as they engage with your ad.

Make sure to use the right one.

It all depends on what you want them to do…If You want them to read an article, tell them and show them the link.

If you want them to order, state it clearly.

Remember that Facebook also gives you a customizable call to action that your readers can click to take them to the landing page you want them to go to.

You have the Learn More, Shop Now, Download.

Choose the most appropriate for what you're offering, don't use learn more when you are offering something downloadable

Don't be the marketer who starts sourcing for his image, brainstorming for his headline and body copy plus reaseaching for the audience at the point of running the ad. 

Do this before.

Let everything be ready before you run the ad. 

Now to the second and most imporatnt part of Facebook advertizing.

Your Target Audience

Like I said earlier, Audience targeting is one of the most difficult to achieve.

However, I bought a course recently that changed this for me.

Like seriously.

The course was created by Mike Leo. He is one of the few people I know that can teach anybody about this area of Facebook advertising.

I'll recommed you get the course later down this article.

Targeting the right kinda audience for me is the most important part to take care of if you’ll be successful with you ad.

Let's say you have a product that is targeted to say women looking to lose weight.

How can you do it that only nursing mothers get to see the ad?

If you can beat this, like I said earlier, even with a not so good advert you’ll get quality results.

One of the ways most people on Facebook will do is by:

Their Interests.

Here, you use keywords that are relevant to that industry. You have say stuff like...

What interest do they have, what could come to your mind could be interest with keywords like (diet, fat, fitness, e.t.c.)

This is what most marketers would do, but then this is so not effective. 

You'll be loosing money targeting your audiences like that, and you would also not be targeting the kinds of people you need to target. 

There's a way to carry out real audience research to figure out what keywords you'll need to use for your targeting, or how to play around narrowing your audienc.

As much as I'll like to share how you can target the exact kinds of people enthusiastic enough for what you're offering.

I'll recommend you get Mike's course.

This is because it's a complete package, and by far better that what you'll read here.

You'll get in full details step-by-step what you need to do and how you can get your Ideal audiences on Facebook even before you start your Ads.

Let me give you a review about this course.

  1. It's a 5 Module Video course with each module containing something around 2 Videos of a average time of 12Mins.
  2. The Videos shows live what and what you'll need to do to get your targeting right.
  3. You'll find out different ways to target, that are really not so known.
  4. You can finish the whole course in less than 2hours (I think I did hour 30mins)
  5. There's a downloadable checklist and bleuprint on the whole area of targeting... I think this is to help your decision making in future ad campaigns.
  6.  There's a facebook group to help with questions you'll have. (I havn't joined yet, but I heard Mike speak of it in the video)


I could go on blabbing, and still not be done. But in a nut shell, It was a happy buy for me. You should definitely try it out.

Most poducts you'll find on Facebook adverts hardly cover this area, and I believe

This is what you should learn if you want to succeed in your advertising with Facebook.

To Learn more about this course you'll see a link below to get access. But you'll have to optin to my Mailing list.

Now, If are going to be put off by me selling something to you, Please do not optin.

So the choice is yours.

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