How To Use Facebook For Business in Nigeria.

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Can I ask you a question…

Have you ever searched for something on facebook? Maybe a brand or your favorite artist.

Sure you have! I don’t think I’d find anyone who hasn’t.

I did a search of the keyword “fashion” on my facebook profile recently with the result shown below.

I believe by now you should know where I’m driving at, or don’t you?

If you don’t, then here it is…

You cannot afford to be just any business on Facebook, neither can you afford to do business like every other page.

Well, you can, after all, it is your decision, But if you want results like I know you do, then you definitely cannot afford that.

Take a look at the picture again, I like to ask questions like

  • why do the pages all called “Fashion” have millions of likes?
  • What steps have they taken to get to this point?
  • How can I mirror and exceed their strategy?

With the research, I carried out and based on my experience, and with a number of businesses using Facebook.

One thing I am certain about is You can’t but use it right if you are to remain relevant in whatever you do.Here are the steps to relevance.

Steps To A Successful Use Of Facebook For Business.

Create a  Recognizable Profile Picture and stick with it.

This is Very Important, As a brand aiming to be established, you should have a logo for your business brand, that is consistent with you. The same goes for a personal brand, Consistency is key.

Don’t confuse people.  Keep it recognizable,

Check out the Jumia brand on Facebook and Twitter… The same profile picture. Their signature orange background, White colored text and cart…

I don’t have to go through stress in recognizing it, even if I saw a few seconds flash of it…

With the cover picture, you can be creative, here you can show yourself, and those beautiful pictures of yours…

Check out those cover pictures…

Fill your  Company’s “About” Section.

Yes, I know you want to make money, and you want to get your business in the faces of prospective customers.

You want to scream!!

I am here, the divine solution to your problem is here!!!

fill up what you do in the about section.

You’ll be amazed that potential customers check there, I certainly do and I wouldn’t trust you If your details are incomplete.

It is an exchange of value for money. I’d want to know who is offering to give me value for what you stand.

  • What you stand for?
  • How trustworthy you are?… This can be through which other social media platforms you operate.
  • What your website is?
  • What are other people saying about you, via reviews.

Take a considerable amount of time to fill in the necessary blanks…

Try Using Paid Budget to Amplify Successful Organic Posts

The truth is Facebook wants to please its users, and will not feed them with just every content written on any page.

So by default, Facebook turns off the option of your fans seeing your posts straight into their news feed when you post them. except a user turns on the see first option for your page.

You can however encourage your fans to do so with a pinned post.

Why would Facebook do that? You must have thought.

Well, for starters, Facebook is also a business, and they’ll need money to run, and they get theirs from ads on their site from pages.

When do you run an ad then?

when you have a post that already has good organic engagement, This is a sign that implies the content is great, and if shown to more targeted people, your brand awareness will be increased.

Boost such post, and watch Facebook do its magic.

Also, you can run ads as means of sell a product or service of yours, get leads who with proper nurturing can become buying customers.

Here’s a full guide on running Facebook ads as a beginner

Facebook groups and pages…

Depending on the kind of business you run, a group might or might not be a necessity. Advantages of groups though are that;

  • Those who’ll join are already potential clients
  • You can get direct feedback on products, and also on their needs (solving this because of another product.).
  • You get to create a community of loyalist

The most effective way to Increase your facebook group, is by sharing valuable contents, solutions and live to and fro communications.

People can’t keep secrets, they’ll eventually tell someone about you

How To Increase Pages Engagements.

Facebook contests

One of the easiest way to get people excited and attract new users in as Fans. The bait of a big prize makes it an easy ask for your target customers to Like your Page and become your Fan.

Check out this Facebook group called pyramedia, and their flash lockdown, a context that was for creative writers to show off themselves with a price to look forward to.

Pyramedia was flooding my timeline with the many shares my creative writing friends were sharing.

I even joined the fun, liked the page, read some good fiction and dropped my vote. I always looked forward to the next battle.

That’s a lot of engagement for the page.

Optimize post times

Do your research, understand your audience, and find out when they are mostly online, that is the best time to post.

It will save at least the stress of creating a post and no one sees it or views it.

Facebook Business Nigeria

Use Facebook Live

This can be used to host a Q&A or preview a new product. It’s very engaging because people can interact in real-time with your business.

Make sure to give your fans a heads up (on Facebook and other social platforms) to help increase your attendance to as high as possible.

Get customers to review your business

Getting customers to review your business gives credibility, it helps anybody visiting your page, to trust you a little more.

Even if the reviews are more of in the negative. Reply, apologize, show that you care. This is sound advice.

Offer customer support on your page

This simply implies, reply to questions and comments, be engaging.

Capitalize on trending topics

creatively link any trending topic towards your niche, find a way to link them, and creating a post about it…

Have a balanced posting schedule.

Be consistent with your content, post regularly, but not excessively. Do not choke fans with too much of you.

Have you learned a thing, Tell me in the comment, and also about how you’ve been using Facebook for your business.


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    1. Hello Lukman,

      No, unfortunately you can’t do that. Having a Facebook page is fundamental to running ads on Facebook.

      Your page is the house that helps Facebook showcase your ad.

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