How To Pay For Your Facebook Ads In Nigeria.

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Have you ever had issues paying for your Facebook ads in Nigeria? If you haven’t, you’re in luck.

For most people, paying for Facebook ads in Nigeria comes with its challenges, there’s always one problem or the other.

The worst is when your card declines and running new ads becomes an issue.

I remember getting a call from a blog reader who was marketing her business online. She had a pending bill that she was having issues clearing.

Sadly, Facebook would not permit her to run news ads until she paid up, and all the cards she had tried were declined.

I have also been there, and that is why I am writing this article. In it, I will show you all the possible options you have for paying for your ads as a Nigerian.

You must first understand something.

In understanding how To Pay For Your Facebook Ads In Nigeria, you need to understand that paying for ads on Facebook is only possible in two methods.

These methods are; automatic and manual payment methods.

And each method is further divided into other options.

Understanding this is vital because the payment method your ad account falls into it will determine what payment options you would see available for that ad account.

All new ad accounts account do not have any payment method assigned to them.

But picking a particular payment option will automatically assign the ad account to one of the two payment methods.

After that, the method for that ad account cannot be changed again.

This means that if your ad account payment method is automatic, you cannot use the manual ever again, and vice versa.

There are several payment options for an ad account. And when you select a specific payment option, the ad account will automatically be placed in either of the two payment methods.

Shortly, I will show you which options fall into which payment method.


How To Pay For Your Facebook Ads In Nigeria.

The Automatic Payment Method

This is a form of Facebook Payment methods where you run a Facebook ad, and then they bill the card details you filled when you created the ad account.

Usually, with this payment method, you would find options such as Paypal and debit cards.

With the automatic payment method, you can set a payment threshold.

That is, It is only when your bill gets to that price threshold that Facebook will charge your card.

This means that until your billing reaches that amount, Facebook will not charge your card.

They will, however, charge you at a monthly date for any bill left on paid.

So, it is important to have the money that will be able to cover the ad billing on the card you use to avoid your ad ending when it isn’t supposed to.

How to pay Facebook ads with a debit card

In paying for Facebook ads automatically with your debit card, you have a number of options available for you. Find them below.

  • Paypal

You can pay for your ads with Paypal. To do this, you need a Paypal account.

After which, you would then need to connect your debit card to the Paypal account.

Facebook accepts using Paypal as a means to pay for your ads.

But, if your ad account has already been set to the manual payment method, you would not see Paypal as a payment option.

Finally, your Paypal account should be in the same currency as your ads account.

This will save you the stress of exchange rates.

  • Virtual Cards – GetBarter

You would not see this option on Facebook, but Getbarter is a company that helps you create virtual cards you can use to buy stuff online.

I have used them to pay for my ads on Facebook in the past, and you can try them out.

When you sign up with Getbarter, you would be able to create a virtual card in USD, fund it with your Naira debit card and then use it on Facebook for paying for ads.

If your ad account’s currency is in USD, then this would be helpful.

But, note that the exchange rate for Getbarter is usually different from the normal.

This means that funding your card would include some more money than you would expect.

Note also that Getbarter might also charge you for every time the card is used. This was my experience.

Endeavor to read their terms, and understand them before joining in.

  • Naira Visa or Master Cards.

This has been the most problematic payment option in recent times for Nigerians.

A lot of our Naira cards don’t seem to work anymore, and it can be frustrating.

I cannot give you a list of which works because, honestly, I do not know which does.

I used a friend’s Firstbank debit card some time ago after my GTB card was declined: but, when I suggested Firstbank as an option to somebody else, it did not work for her.

There could be a couple of reasons why it did not, but what I do know is that…

    1. Naira cards are inconsistent.
    2. Some Naira cards do not work at all.
    3. Those that work have a $100 monthly limit on international transactions.
    4. Some do work, and as long as your ads don’t exceed $100 in a month, you’re fine.


Most times, I hear people say “Facebook does not accept my debit card” but I think the most appropriate thing is “Your debit card is rejecting Facebook”

I once had a chat with a Facebook representative about this issue, and at the end of the conversation, I realized it was the card and the limit on it that was to blame, and not Facebook.

  • Domiciliary Account (Dolla Card)

A domiciliary account allows you to receive and make payments in foreign currencies.

With this kind of account, you can get a debit card that is not bound by the limitations of the Naira cards.

You can have a dollar card with a Nigerian bank and make payments for your Facebook ads using the card you’re issued.

You only have to fund the card and then use it as your payment option.

Manual Payment method.

You can call this method a pre-paid payment method.

It involves you funding your ad account with funds, and then Facebook will bill you on the available funds in the ad account.

For your account to use this manual method, it must be new and not be automatically charged.

Then you can select the option “Naira Card Payment With PayU”

After adding the funds into the ad account, the ad account would forever only allow manual payments.

  • Naira Card Payment With PayU

This is a payment option that enables you to use your Naira card without the usual hassle.

Instead of the dilemma of paying directly with the card, you can now fund the ad account with money from the card; and then using the money to run your ads.

How to pay for Facebook ads using PayU

In paying for your ads using this option, the first and the most important thing is that your ad account accepts the manual method.

If you have used a card to pay on the ad account before, this option will not be available for you.

If that is your case, you have two options; use any of the above automatic payment options or get a new ad account and make sure to select Naira Payment with MasterCard/Visa as your payment method as shown in the image below.


How To Pay For Your Facebook Ads In Nigeria. PayU

    • Then follow the process by clicking continue.


    • You will then be redirected to where you need to put in the amount you want to fund the account with. Fill it correctly. and review it.


How To Pay For Your Facebook Ads In Nigeria - PayU


    • Then follow the process till you successfully add the funds into the account.


How To Pay For Your Facebook Ads In Nigeria. PayU

After you have successfully added money into your ad account, you can now run ads, and Facebook will bill you on the funds you have on the ad account.

When this fund gets exhausted, your ads will stop, and you would need to add more funds into the account to use it to run more ads.

What are the downsides of this option?

The biggest downside I would say is that you can lose your funds if the funded ad account gets banned.

So, if you’re going to use this option, make sure you run ads that adhere to the Facebook ad policies.

Or else, be set to lose some of your money if you get banned and cannot retrieve the ad account afterward.


I have attempted to show you how To pay For Your Facebook ads In Nigeria. Now, you have a variety of options to pick from whenever you have issues with paying for your Facebook ads.

You only need to weigh the cost of each option and decide which of them suits you best.

Drop your comments if you have one, and I will give you a reply as soon as I can.

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