Why Your Content is The Most Important Factor in Succeeding Online With Your business in Nigeria.

this is the most important aspect of any successful online business in Nigeria
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What is the most essential aspect of succeeding online?

In 2002, during the presidential election, on my way from school, a group of thugs had created a roadblock. They had only one request. Choose their presidential candidate, and then you can pass through; choose otherwise and get injured.

I didn’t know it then, but those thugs were selling an idea, although violently.

Running a business is the same as selling ideas. In business, you are selling your product as the idea to your prospects. You are telling them why they need your product and what it will do for them.

You want them to see things from your perspective. To get them to agree with you and then patronise you.

…And like those thugs forced the road users to either buy the idea of their presidential candidate or get hurt, you too can sell your ideas. You achieve this, however, through your Content and not violence.

In doing so, you should have an understanding of the concept of content marketing.

What Is Content Marketing?

According to the Content Marketing Institute,

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer actions.

There are some keywords to consider in the above definition.

They are Valuable, Relevant, Consistent, and Well defined Audience.

Let us understand them one after the other, starting from the most important.

A Well Defined Audience:

Everybody is nobody, and anybody would not do.

The audience must be well defined and must value the content you share.

Have you wondered why you tend to listen to some influencers, agree with their ideology, but cannot stand some? Yet someone loves the same person you detest.

It is the perfect example of one man’s meat being another’s poison.

How do you get a well-defined audience?

There are several ways to get a well-defined audience. You could:

  • Discover the age range, gender, and general demography of the people you want to serve.
  • Determine the challenges and pain points of the people you want to serve.
  • Learn how they buy, what they buy, where they go to buy what they buy.
  • Discover where they can be found in the online space.
  • Research the audience of your competition

Knowing as much as possible about them is what will help you to craft valuable and relevant content.

Valuable and Relevant.

Quality content is not about the quantity of the words you use. It is also not about the ability to string words together as a Wordsmith.

It is the capacity to create useful content your audience needs and will love. Mainly because it addresses their pain points and answers their questions.

Additionally, ensure you are consistent with creating it.


It doesn’t matter what kind of content you choose or where you choose to place them. What matters most is that you are consistent.

No consumer likes an inconsistent business. Consistency is like a magnet; it attracts.

It can set you apart as the go-to guy for your audience whenever they have a question. This helps them quickly trust you and become loyal to you.

Why Is Content Marketing Important?

Can you build a house without a Foundation?

Yes, but only if you don’t want it to stand for long. A quick question then… How long do you want your business to stand?

Content Marketing is the foundation of your business online.

No wonder Bill Gates said…


In January of 1996, Bill Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft, published an article titled “Content is king” where he talked about how content creation would take over the way businesses would run in the 21st century.

He said,

Content is where I expect much of the real money will be made on the Internet, just as it was in broadcasting.

Without it, there is no Marketing.

If you are to pitch your product or service to a potential lead, you would speak with him on the benefit of your offer — this is a form of content.

You might also share your client’s stories with him and how your offer has helped them — this can be another form.

You cannot make sales without it, and you cannot sell and effectively when it is of poor quality.

Therefore, in whatever marketing tactics you use, choose content marketing as the main chick, not the side; She would not disappoint you.

How Can Content Marketing Help You?

In my university days, I had this friend who was not only a coca-cola addict, He was more. He was something I call a coke evangelist.

Due to his love for coke, he was fond of telling anybody who cared to listen how much they miss if they don’t drink coke, and he will even drink-shame you if you take any other soft drink.

Imagine how much coca-cola made from him and, from everyone he successfully converted through evangelism —me inclusive.

Your content can help you create an army of loyalists like my friend. Your loyal audience will not only buy from you, but they would defend you in your absence.

It will also help you build a strong bond with your audience.

The ability to sell an idea to a group of people and have them stand up for it is what your business requires to succeed.

And to achieve this, content marketing is the way to go.

You will indeed have a successful online business if you successfully use content marketing because a good content marketing strategy provides you with the following:

  • A clearly defined Audience.
  • A relevant message for your audience.
  • A suitable product for your audience.
  • Increased Perception and sales.
  • Better customers with unshakable loyalty.

You cannot do without content in your online business. Whatever area it might be, quality content is required in your:

  • Social media marketing.
  • Email Marketing.
  • Search Engine Optimization.
  • Ads.


On the internet, your content is the most crucial aspect of your business. It is what attracts people, gets shared, and generates powerful word-of-mouth exposure from people to others.

This is something you want for your business.

Commit to creating quality content for your audience. It is not a campaign. It is your business.

One Last thing, If you have any questions, write it as a comment, and I will reply to it as soon as possible.


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