3 Easy But Secret Ways To Take Your Business Online And  Make Far More Money From It Even As A Novice!

"Secrets that has earned millions of Naira for businesses in various niches using a near 100% fail-proof marketing system"


Just an ordinary guy

Whose "Simple-newbie friendly" campaign system

guarantees extraordinary sales.

Dear Friend,

If you want to double (even triple) your profit from your business by taking your business online...eliminating the fear and fustration of having a business in this times, then this letter will show you how.

Follow me gently, as this is the most important letter you'll ever read

No doubt, the current pandemic and lockdown has handicapped lots of businesses---even the mighty Access bank laid off their work staff.

Coupled with the Endsars protest, businesses are packing up in their numbers.

But what if I told you that this isn't the case for all businesses.


What if I told you that I know of businesses that have made more money in the COVID-19 period than they did in the whole of last year...By using simple but effective online strategies.

But before we go forward, here's the story.

My name is MH Gideon and, 7 years ago I was a broke and desperate businessman hoping for my big break.

I was confident that with my I.T and Marketing skills, I could help businesses have an unfair advantage - by helping them attract their ideal clients, capture leads and turn these leads to customers.

But I barely got paid for my services, and when i did get work (which was once in a while), I'll stare at my computer screen for hours thinking of ways to sell the client's product.

I'll  look up my previous marketing angles and strategies from other experts, only to end up overthinking things. 

The worst part was that...

At The End, The Campaign Would Either Barely Convert or Make Zero Sales!!

My bills kept piling up, and my rent was around the corner. Things did get so bad before they got better. 

I spoke to one of my mentors in the game, and our discussion ignited an idea for my next campaign.

Then, call it sticking to the process, or fate or luck if you want... but I sent out an offer to a potential client.

He is Forex trader and trainer and one of the best In Africa. I offered to sell his Forex products online.

The deal was he'll pay a percentage when the results starts coming in, as I wasn't sure it'll work.

So I figured there was nothing to lose, he wasn't paying upfront anyway.

I created everything we needed with the new idea I had come up with. Then we tested it.

The result?

we spent a little over N8,000 on Facebook ads to make over N2Million in two weeks, and we weren't even half-way through the ad budget.

But that's not all:

The campaign went of to make over -------------- in 3 months. The client and I went on the create many money campaigns  which worked as good as the previous ones.

And I had to wonder:

Was I on to something with this strategy to creating campaigns.

Not only does it save me stress. I don't have to worry about other unnecessary parts of the campaign.

Or was that a "one hit wonder" that only works on this particular niche or audience?

But guess what?

Not only did I make money on this one..

I have Helped Many other Clients make More Money Using This System.

After that, business opened.

Creating campaigns became easier than ever. 

Irespective of the niche or industry, only three things were important, and once I got those right, the sales poured in

Clients started seeking me out, and I started turning most of them down.

It was either I didn't have the time for their work, or they couldn't pay my fees.

In many cases, they didn't even ask for portfolios.

They'll either have heard that I have worked with the likes of John Obidi, The Millionaire Housewife, The profitable Investor-Ejimi Ayebade...Or attended one of the online events I hosted.

Anyway, my three steps system is based on three things:

  • "The Reason Women Are Attracted To Bad Boys"

Marketing is like wooing a woman, ladies no offence.

If you've ever thought about women and bad boys, you'll realize women want a man to be want be who they want him to be.

And men who understand this, would gadly become that guy whether genuinely or not; to get what they want.

I figured that if  it worked for the bad boys on women, I could use the same methodolody to attract customers for any business.

You must understand how they think, know what they want and say what they want to hear in other to sell to them.  

Fact, when you know "what" to say, "how" you say it doesn't matter much.

That is "just good enough ads and content" with a good knowlege of the "what" will bring in far more sales than from ads and content that are sophisticated yet lacking with this basic priinciple.

But knowing what to say isn't enough. When you have the attention of a lady, you must do something to be successful in wooing her

  • "Always Collect a Contact Info"

If you skip this part in your marketing for any reason, I bet you the sales process starts again, and you will lose more money.

There are a thousand and one businesses out there trying to woo the customer, if you can attract him/her and don't have a way to contact the person.

Then you're missing out on the sales you could have made, and business surffers..

Okay, lets say you successfully attracted the customers, and collected a contact info...What next?

  • Don't Be A Ghost"

What I mean by this is:

In my days of consistently failing to make sales for my clients, I realized one area I failed was in not engaging and selling consistently to these potential customers.

So unlike before, I  sent out e-mails consistently to aid the sales process.

What is the essence of the contact info if you won't contact them right?

The results?

We once sold over 10 copies of a N50,000 product in one day from a single e-mail.

You have a ridiculously simple campaign framework that makes lots of money fast. In fact most people I have shared it with...

Have accused the 3-steps Campaign system of being too simple.

Is it true?

Maybe, I don't know.

But what I know, is that this system has colectively made millions of Naira in sales in some of the most competitive niches.

Here are a few of what I have done with the 3-Steps Campaign System. 

  • Created a Campaign for a Private University 
  • Written a 

Anyway, here's what all this means for you:

I have never revealed how I do this in detail. And I believe there is more money in keeping secrets than sharing them.

And I haven't been motivated to teach it honestly.

That is,  untill I realized they are thousands of businesses going extinct all becasue of ignorance.

And because we'll have the lockdown, and it's effect for a long time in the...I have decided to offer it (for a limited time) in a short course called.

Easy Campaigns

No, it won't make you a season pro.

(Even though I have testimonials from season pros.)

And although I call it simple, doesn't mean been lazy is an option.

It still takes hard work, but it is the most straight forward and uncomplicated system you'll find anywhere.

I believe it can help anyone and any business...Get more customers... increase sales and profit...and eliminate the stress, and confusion you'd normally feel when doing that.

However, this product is available at a low price for a limited time.

And, it does NOT come with a money-back guarantee.

And if you want to keep making money for your business from the comfort of your home...then you don't want to miss this.

To help you decide, here's a "sneak preview" of what's inside:

  • How to create an instant belief about you and your product in your copy if you're just
    starting out and nobody knows who you are.

  • A simple technique that gets your prospects thinking you’re the solution they’ve been looking for, unable to get you and your products out of their heads!

  • The Psychological principle to reaching an audience that craves for your products, without having to stress about selling, yet making unbelievable sales.

  • How To Brag without bragging that lets you boast about your products, services, or yourself without
    sounding like an idiot.

  • A fast and effective way (used by the legendary Cassanova on attractive women) to get prospects interested in you, your product and service as quickly as possible, even if they just met you.

  • The main reason lots of businesses don’t make sales online, and how you can avoid that

  • How to create such an intense urgency to buy in your ads that people will literally beg you to give you their money!

  • The "reverse competitor" method to getting just the right kind of prospect, that’ll pay you quickly for your product without stress… and also…

Why You Should
Treat Your Market
Like Women Searching For Love!

Let's look at something for a minute.

If you ask 9 out of 10 businessmen what they'll like to know to make more sales online.

They'll ask you all about the best tips, tricks and sales angles.

But, they are asking the wrong question.

It is like asking the legendary cassanova what's more important

...Being able to sweep any woman of her feet by mere staring at her... or knowing how to profile any woman so he knows the kind of lady she is, how she thinks and the best way to win her over.

I'm not saying to call your customers women, but if you know how to profile your customers like cassanova that you know everything about them physiologically, emotionally, then...

You'll make lots of sales regardless of how new you are to the online game.

You'll know what they want.

And exactly what to say on your ads, contents and e-mails.

And how to deliver what you have to say without sounding like an idiot only out for their money.

The campaign will practically sell itself, and that is what Easy Campaigns help you do.

But we're just getting warmed up.

Here are some more of the invaluable tips inside Easy Campaign:

Perfect For Non-Techy Newbies Who Wants To Increase Sales
And Are In A Hurry!

Talking of emails:

One time I sent out an email for a client. She called me after reading it, saying she felt a great urge to buy her own product.

That the message was so intense, if it wasn't her's she would have paid for it.

The results?

We had people paying almost immediately, and tonns of replies from other begging to be permitted to pay later.

Inside Easy Campaigns, you'll see my best performing e-mails, and I break down why it worked so well, and show you how you can use the same psychology in any of your e-mails.

Plus you'll learn the best coversion secretes:

The best kind of subject line to get your subcriber glued and never ignore your e-mail.

How to infuse your day to day activities into your emails to increase sales.

But hang on, we're still not done.

Here are even more markeing secrets patiently waiting for you inside

Write Stories That Are So Persuasive
They Can Sell Your Products
Even When You're Not Pitching Anything!

The 2017 Nollywood movie Wedding party 2 broke box office as Nigeria’s first international cinema hit from late dec 2017 through early 2018.

The effect of the story on the weddings we've had and yet to see is something most people don't think of.

Did you know that the Nigerian Wedding industry is a billion dollar industry.

And cost on an average between $9,460-$13,515. Sometimes more.

This is an industry that few years back didn't exist...yet more business angles are born daily and there are more to come..

Funny thing is that there's nothing in the movie that sells to couples an idea of getting the grandest of weddings.

But that's the power of storytelling. It creates an emotional connection with the buyer and helps influece their buying decisions.

That's why inside Easy Campaigns, I'll show you 5 ways to create compelling stories can can be used to generate sales for you irrespective of the product you sell.

I use this same story telling methods in my sales process, and they are powerful and simple.

Going forward,

Here's what else you'll find in Easy Campaigns.

Makes It Hard For Them To Sleep At Night
Until They Buy From You!

Here's another story.

Waju Abraham 

I could go on and on, but here is the deal:

Easy Campaigns is a 2 hour long downloadable "crash course" (you can learn in one sitting, if you
choose) taught via video and MP3 audio.

The information is designed to be consumed (and implemented) fast, and you can apply it on your business as fast as possible.

It cost a flat fee of N23,750, and again

There Are No Refunds,
And All Sales Are Final!

Don't bother if you need guarantee, simple don't buy.

Otherwise, here's how to order it today (while it's still even on the market):

1. Click the order button below
2. Follow the simple instructions
3. Your course will be sent to your email address immediately, and you'll be added to the Telegram support Channel.

Click the link below to order it today.


MH Gideon.

P.S. "Fast Response" Bonus:

If you order today, I'll give you 

Are You Still undecided about Prioritizng your Health?

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